Sunday, July 13, 2008

Overwhelming Sadness

Last night I ate the last of the tomatoes I had brought home from Dad's garden.

Garden Bounty

That's right. I ate them all. In less than seven days. By. My. Self. Tomato sandwiches. Sliced with my meal. A salad with boccocini and basil. I even ate a bag of grape tomatoes not pictured.

I am extrememly sad.

Cucumbers, I've still got. Seriously. Besides the pickles and eating at least one a day, I've still got about a dozen. More pickles! (More jars!)

On a slightly happier note, I experiemented with a mixed berry pie last nite. Not picture worthy, but tasty. A co-worker brought me blackberries she had picked over the weekend, but not enough for a cobbler. I picked up some blueberries with every intention of eating them my favorite way...with brown sugar and sour cream. Instead I rolled out a hot water pastry and filled it with a mixture of berries, a little sugar, and some orange zest. A little TripleSec because I had some. I covered the pie with strips of pastry and let it bake. Quite tasty!

Pie. Who doesn't love pie?

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