Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shopping Day!

Is there anything as fun as spending a little discretionary income? A little something for yourself?

I left home at 9:30 this morning and headed to the Galleria. My first stop was Borders, where I spent $50. I bought the July mystery for book group...The Janissary Tree by Jason Goodwin. And I picked up the latest Julie Kenner, Deja Demon: The Days and Nights of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom...4th in the series.

I also have to pick the August book for our Fantasy group so I picked up two possibilities: Dead To Me by Anton Strout and The Good Fairies of New York by Martin Millar.

Then I headed to the mall proper, where I picked up a black & white floral A-line skirt and some Wallflower refills. I picked up my fave Kitchen Spice but decided to be daring and also got Mandarin Mango. It sounded crisp, fruity, and exotic. It is not. It is heavily floral and is currently giving me a headache.

I left the mall and decided I felt like Chinese food. I carried The Janissary Tree in with me and read while eating. The Chinese restaurant is next door to very good Mexican restaurant, so I was guilty of stereotyping when I noticed the large number of Latino diners at the Chinese. I couldn't help but wonder if there were a heavy percentage of Occidental diners next door.

I shopped around a while before heading home. Also purchased were a crystal cake plate, a pair of copper thong sandals, and a new pair of tweezers.

I plan on napping and reading this afternoon. Not a bad plan, huh?

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