Monday, May 19, 2008


Macaroni and Tomatoes by Alyssa

Mu Mom puts some water in a pot and boils it on the stove. she pours the noodles in and lets them cook for 15 minutes. Then Mom strains the water off and puts 1 can of tomatoes and 1 can of tomato sauce in the noodles. She mixes it up and the we can eat it. I look to put some salt on mine to give it more taste.

Chicken Taco by Zach

Mom gets some chicken and she cooks it in a pan on the stove for 50 minutes. The she puts the flat tacos in the oven on about 7 degrees for 12 minutes until they get hot. Mom puts some chicken on the tacos and we eat them! I like to eat 5 or 10 by myself.

Spaghetti by Wyatt

My Mom puts the noodles in the pan with some hot stuff and lets them cook for 5 minutes. The she gets another pan and cooks the sauce for probably 1 minute. Mom puts the noodles on our plate and some sauce on top. We get our drinks and then we eat!

Pepperoni Pizza by (another) Wyatt

My Mom opens the box and puts the pizza on a pan. Then she puts it in the oven for 20 minutes on about 10 degrees. Mom brings it out and lets it cool off. Then she cuts it up into triangles and we eat it. I always eat three pieces.

Family Reunion...

I went to the family reunion yesterday and we had a very big turn-out. I hadn't seen my cousin Bonnie Jean in more than 30 years. I asked my mom about the big guy talking to my cousin Ronnie and she said, "That's Dennis." "Nuh-unh" was my less than scholarly response. But it was! We had a blast gossiping and reminiscing.

My cousin Cathy told me how hard it was to see Mom as she is and remember how she lived for the re-unions and cooked for days. I remember that, too. And if anyone ever told her they liked something she made, she would remember and make it just for them. My cousin Rex loved a blueberry dessert that she made and she brought it every year.

My theory on the large turn-out this year is that we have had two deaths since the beginning of 2008. My Dad lost a sister and a brother just two months apart. We are down to two sisters and two brothers. It used to take a wide angle lens to get a photo of the siblings. Now you have to zoom to get a good shot.

I took the roasted vegetable and orzo salad and came back with a bowlful. Guess what I'll be eating all week? I also made the PB&J bars...those got gone. And I took Ebbie Simpson's Squash Casserole...Sis's favorite. That was gone also. We had a porkfest with four hams, pulled pork, and pork chops. There was chicken and dressing and meatballs, and of course, the Colonel was well represented.

There were starches in every form and fashion...corn, potatoes, pasta...salads and slaws, and veggies. And lots and lots of sweet tea.

And, to top off my week-end...
I went to Publix Saturday to do my shopping and discovered they had Big Sexy Hair products for less than anywhere else. I don't need shampoo and conditioner right now, but since it was $3 a bottle cheaper than I paid two weeks ago, I pickes some up. It won't go bad.

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