Wednesday, May 7, 2008

50 Greatest Sitcoms

Last week, AOL published a list of the 50 Greatest Sitcoms of all time. Hmmm...I wonder who determined what shows and in what order?

Here's the list:

50. Everybody Loves Raymond....Really, only 50? I guess those silly viewers, reviewers, and awards people were all clueless.
49. Newhart
48. Night Court...funnier than Raymond?
47. Family Guy
46. The Jeffersons
45. Hogan's Heroes
44. Laverne & Shirley
43. The Golden Girls
42. Malcolm in the Middle
41. Gilligan's Island
40. Scrubs...I just don't get it!
39. Green Acres
38. Taxi
37. WKRP in Cincinnati..."As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"
36. Arrested Development...yeah, well, I never saw the funny.
35. Sanford & Son
34. Family Ties
33. The Dick Van Dyke Show...again, how come so low?
32. Will & Grace...I watched, don't remember ever laughing out loud.
31. Welcome Back Kotter...OMG! You'r kidding me, right?
30. Married With Children
29. Happy Days...funnier than Dick Van Dyke or Raymond or Newhart?
28. do I hate this show? Let me count the ways!
27. Mork & Mindy...yes, I did laugh.
26. Soap...loved, loved, loved this show!
25. Murphy Brown
24. Barney Miller
23. The Brady Bunch...did anyone find this show funny? Now the movie was funny. Not the show.
22. Good Times
21. Sex and the City...Not funny. Never funny. I just didn't get it.
20. 30 Rock...way too new for this list.
19. The Odd Couple'
18. Curb Your Enthusiasm...?????????
17. Get Smart
16. South Park
15. Frasier
14. The Office
13. The Bob Newhart Show
12. The Larry sanders Show...A show that is appealing to people in show business, but the rest of us find baffling.
11. The Honeymooners
10. Friends
9. I Love Lucy...The biggest travesty on the list...#9????
8. Roseanne
7. The Cosby Show...I like it, don't love it, don't see how it gets ranked higher than I Love Lucy.
6. M*A*S*H
5. Cheers
4. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
3. All in the Family...I just never understood the appeal!
2. Seinfeld
1. The Simpsons

Did anyone else notice that two of the greatest sitcoms of all time were missing. The Beverly Hillbillies and Andy Griffith! This alone makes me questiont he judgement of those who composed this list.

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