Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's Hot In Here!

So, what happens when a bunch of foodie friends come over to watch old movies? A food and film fest! And it's tonight! The rules: bring something to eat and no movies made after 1965.

I have no idea what food will walk thru my door, but I know what I'll be serving. I've spent my morning roasting pecans and baking chicken. I'll use the pecans in my cookies and in my chicken salad.

Guess what? I'm serving chicken salad, Orange Cappuccino Cookies, bacon wrapped crab, and white sangria. Coffee, of course, and sodas. Popcorn. Should I put out cheese and olives? Maybe not. Seems like overkill.

But I am burning up, working on my third glass of iced tea. I need to clean up the kitchen and bath and vacuum before my friends arrive.

I'll post pictures and recipes later.


Liza P. said...

ohh what movies did you end up watching?

webbie said...

Follow That Dream--Elvis Presley
Miracle at Morgan's Creek--Betty Hutton.

Great fun!