Monday, July 2, 2007

Beauty Shop

Not a hair salon, an old fashioned beauty shop. I took Mom Saturday to have her hair done. She got a cut and a perm and caught up on the gossip. She was, possibly, the youngest patron there. And her walker was not alone in the corner. I remember the days of going with her to have her hair set on Saturday, reading the trashy magazines and drinking soda from a returnable bottle. Quite a trip back into time.

Then, today Dad called me at work. I was terrified. But he just wanted my opinion on something. Seems the big stereo my dear sister and I gave them for their 25th wedding anniversary has become a nuisance. It is big with tall speakers, a turntable and a dual cassette. I think it may be Pioneer. Anywho, Dad wants to get rid of it, but doesn't want to hurt our feelings. He asked if I wanted it. I do not. I assured him that the fact it is still in good condition after 25 years and that they did get pleasure out of it for most of thse 25 years was enough for me.

Now what my sister will say....

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