Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Things I Forgot

I am in the process of cleaning out one of my closets and have been quite suprised. I have found two pairs of shoes and a coat that are brand new, never worn and that I don't remember buying. I now have in my rotation a pair of casual sandals in lime green and a pair of white canvas Mary Jane Keds. I love the Keds. I have always loved Keds. Why don't I remember these?

The coat is black cashmere. Tags still on it. Something I obviously bought on sale at the end of the season one year. I tried it on. It fits. Quite elegant. But ot as pretty as the aubergine cashmere with black velvet cuffs and colar that is my favorite. I suddenly have a wealth of coats. Dress coats. And it is hot. out. side.

I also found a desk chair cover that massages still in the box. A bunch of decorative bottles I bought for the vanilla extract I make, come Christmas lights, and a whole lot of candles. Hmmm.

Oh! and an electric blanket. And an electric mattress pad. You would think that I get cold at night.


Ding. Dong. Melissa's gone. And my girl Julia remains.
I've been a fan of Rock until last night's episode. He was bitter, angry, and childish. Things I do not find attractive in a man. I do expect it to be Roc and Jen in the final two. .

*************NEWS FLASH*********************
John Lovitz beat up Andy Dick! It somehow just seems right.

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