Sunday, July 8, 2007

Paris Je'Taime

A friend and I went to see this yesterday and I highly recommend it. If you've not heard, it is a series of shorts by different stories set in Paris. Eighteen stories, sweet, sad, bizarre and all with amazing performances.

My favorites included the young English couple in the cemetery looking for the grave of Oscar Wilde, the Cohen brothers tale with Steve Buscemi, the vampire story with Elijah Wood, the old married couple with Bob Hoskins. There is the bittersweet tale of a nanny who abandons her own child at day care to tend for the infant of someone else. And the older couple saying good-bye with Ben Gazzara and Gena Rolwands. But the most poignant is the story of a man who has fallen out of love with his wife, ready to leave her for his mistress, when they discover she is dying.

The best line from the entire movie...In pretending to be a man in love, he became a man in love.

Now I must vent. Do you remember when the matinee price of a movie was $4.00 and was for movies showing before 6:00. It really hasn't been that long ago. The matinee price kept going up, and the last matinee I saw was $6:50. Still for movies showing before 6 p.m. Yesterday, the movie showtime was at 3:05. The matinee price was $6.50....FOR MOVIES SHOWING BEFORE 3:00. How can you possibly charge $9.00 for a movie that starts at 3:05? The good people at Regal Cinemas may have just seen the last of me for a while.

Hello Carmac!

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