Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fireworks, Sunday Gravy, and George Clooney

I went with a couple of friends on Tuesday night to see Ocean's 13. It was good...not gread. Quite forgetable. Better than the last, not as good as the first. But George Clooney looked good. So did Brad Pitt. And Ellen Barken. Wow!

Oh! and great previews! I really want to see Vantage Point. It looks like the kind of movie that will make my leg jiggle all the way through it.

Yesterday I slept in...I didn't get up until 6:30. I was at Publix by 7:30 and I purchased the things I needed to make Sunday Gravy. My lack of ethnicity has started to grate and so I've decided to become Italian. I used Vita Grecco's recipe and let it cook all day. I ate about 6:30 last night and it was excellent. And I'll have more today for lunch, and tomorrow for lunch and ....

Bookgroup tonight and we are discussing my book, so I dug in last night to read it. Red Leaves by Thomas Cook. What a downer! So well written, but the topic is heart-breaking. Eric Moore is an average guy who as made a nice life for himself. A happy marriage with one teen-aged son who is, like most teens, sullen and quiet. When the child his son was babysitting turns up missing, Eric's world falls apart.

And finally, last night my neighbors celebrated the birth of a nation by getting drunk and setting off fireworks...outside my window. Luckily, I had taken precautions yesterday and soaked my grass. I wonder about the mentality of someone who will ignite fireworks in a residential neighborhood in the midst of a drought. Hmmmm.....

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