Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Morning News

A few years ago, ABC created a niche by advertising news for insomniacs. I used to catch it around 3:30 in the morning and Aaron Brown hosted. In those days I lived in an semi-rural area and didn't have cable. Local television channels used to air stories from 6-7 before the network morning shows. Then they went from 5-7. Then 4:30-7. Now they start at 4:00 with local news. How many times can a news person read the same story in a 3 hour period.

One local channel starts with news from 4-7. Then mid-day news from 12-1. Then another broadcast 5-5:30, followed by network news 5:30 to 6. Local news from 6-7. Again from 10-10:30. This is rebroadcast from 1-1:30. It is the NBC station, so there is also a 3 hour broadcast of the Today Show.

There is more "entertainment" on CNN than on the local NBC station.


Michael Vick.

What is the appeal of dog fighting. Can someone please explain this to me? I just don't understand.

Lindsay Lohan.



I still haven't read the latest Harry Potter. Hope to get to it over the week-end. I've also got to read the book for mystery book group and I can't find it.

Speaking of HP, one of the upcoming fall series, Pushing Daisies, will feature narration by Jim Dale. If you get the chance to listen to the HP novels, do. Jim Dale is the most phenomenal reader.


Hell's Kitchen

Sad to see Julia go. I have felt for weeks that the final two will bee Roc and Jen and had been secretly rooting for Roc. Until the last two episodes. Now. I. Hate. Roc. Really, really, hate, hate.

The Next Food Network Star

Yeah Amy...The Gourmet Next Door. I hope you shine.

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