Monday, October 13, 2008


Why am I up when the alarm will be going off in 5 1/2 hours? Well, I'm waiting. First, I waited until the pain became unbearable before taking Tylenol, now I'm waiting for it to kick in.

You know the drill, don't you. Enduring the headache before the Tylenol starts working, the sore joints until the Aleve is rushing through your blood stream, or the itch until the cortisone cream is absorbed. You can't just go to bed and try to's impossible. Me, I pace. I walk in circles, from room to room, in the semi-dark...waiting. I've walked as much as I can and am beginning to get sleepy, so I decided to sit down at the computer. Staying busy. Hoping movement will pump the drugs though the system faster. I'm almost there.

How do you wait on the drugs to kick in? Are you smart and take them while the pain is minimal, the ache only a dull throb, the itch only a hint of discomfort? Do you wait until you just can't stand it any more?

Just curious.


Suzie said...

You poor dear. Hope you feel better quickly. My only suggestion would be to see if meditation helps at all.

Debinhawaii said...

I hope you are feeling better--that is no fun. I am a wait and hope it goes away and then finally take the pill person.