Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Menu

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I just got off of the phone with my sister...we were divvying up the Thanksgiving menu. We will be celebrating on Friday so that she can celebrate with her hubby's family on Thursday.

So, here is where it stands now. And everything is subject to change.

Pesto palmiers (me)
crudite (Sis)

Main Course
turkey breast (me)
cornbread dressing (me)
ham (Aunt R)
green beans (cousin R)
broccoli salad (Sis)
mixed veg casserole (Sis)
potato salad (Sis)
squash casserole (me)
praline sweet potatoes (me)
rolls (Aunt R)
cranberries (me)
pickles (me)

apple dumplings (me)
chocolate something (Sis)
sugar-free pie (Aunt R)

tea (Sis)
coffee (me)

So, what are you having for Thanksgiving?


Suzie said...

Sounds like a great feast. Sadly no special thanksgiving dinners here; it's one holiday I would love to see introduced.

Karen said...

Your menu looks grand! I'll trade you a piece of apple pie for an apple dumpling! There will be just four of us here for TG dinner, so I'm keeping it pretty simple. Here's my menu.

Roast Turkey w/gravy & dressing
Potatoes Lyonaisse
Roasted Green Beans
Sally Lunn Bread w/honey butter
Cranberry sauce
Apple pie
Pumpkin pie

webbie said...

Karen,It sounds wonderful! Suzie, there is nothing quite like an American Thanksgiving...complete with family drama, football, and food!

Becky said...

Not to mention the Macy's Day Parade! Your dinner plans sound wonderful and I know everyone will enjoy the feast.

Our plans are still up in the air. I would like to have dinner here in town with my family, but we are all playing it by ear.

Kirsten said...

What a great list of sides you have. Sounds great, enjoy!