Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Baked Potato Bar

Tomorrow we are having a baked potato bar at the office. Everyone loved the Taco Salad day and we thought this would be a great thing to try. We created a sign-up sheet and everyone seemed excited. All day today I've been fielding questions.

"How many potatoes should I bring?"

"Is two pounds of butter enough?"

"What kind of cheese should I buy?"

The sign up sheet included:

Potatoes (we asked three people to bring enough potatoes for 22)
Cheese (we asked that two people bring cheese)
Sour cream
bacon bits

We also requested 4 people bring desserts, two bring drinks, and someone to bring flatware, cups, and napkins.

So tonight I made a pot of beanless chili and I made it hotter than if I were cooking for myself. Since sweet potatoes were on sale, I picked up 8 and baked them tonight also, thinking I'll take them as something different.

I can't help but wonder, upon reviewing the list, why the people who don't cook always sign up for dessert? Why not a bag of shredded cheese? A tub of sour cream? Sodas? A can of chili? Why dessert?

So, if you were loading a baked potato, what would you put on it?


PhantomMinuet said...

Cheese, bacon bits, chives. Maybe a tiny little bit of butter.

Becky said...

In the winter we love to have baked potatoes topped with vegetarian chili, grated cheddar cheese, and chopped green onion. If it stays cold this week, that might be Wednesday night's dinner.

At work how did people dress the sweet potatoes? Those I would just top with some butter and salt.

webbie said...

We had brown sugar and cinnamon for topping the sweet potatoes. I had half of one with butter and I was happy!