Saturday, September 13, 2008

Party Wrap-up

The party was, in my opinion, a great success. Good food, good friends, family. Lots and lots of laughter. One minor CD player chose yesterday to die. Luckily, the oldies station is decent around here.

I count myself as quite lucky to have good friends willing to make the hour drive for a visit. Some I don't see very often and forget how funny and sweet they are.

I was so busy enjoying myself, I did not take a single picture! My sister took some, so I hope she will email them to me soon. The rumaki was the biggest success of the evening, disappearing from the table first. Meatballs went over well, too. I'm left with a ton of veggies, grapes, nuts, and wine...but I can think of worse problems.

And my Dad brought me a basket of scuppernongs from the arbor and the last of the seasons tomatoes.

I am left with a clean house and a mountain of laundry which I should have tackled today but instead spent the entire day sleeping. Even now, I could lie down and sleep through the night. I will force myself to stay awake long enough to watch a movie. Ciao!

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