Friday, September 26, 2008

The Changing Season and Official Office Party Planner

I just can't seem to get enough sleep these days. I came home from work yesterday and had to have a nap. Then I went to bed around 8:45. I was so tired that I was stumbling. I have to believe this is what I like to call Seasonal Sleep Disorder. The nights are cooler. The days are shorter. You know, it's Autumn. Time to start preparing the cave for the winter hybernation!

A co-worker and I decided we needed something to energize our office. Something to build commaraderie and lighten the mood. So, as always seems to happen, I planned our Taco Salad Lunch today. Give me an Excel spread sheet and an group of email addresses and I will plan a party.

Now, here is the fun part. This is the list of items I sent around that we needed:
lettuce (requesting 2-3 people bring)
chopped tomatoes
black olives
green peppers
chopped green onions
seasoned beef (requested 2 people bring)
seasoned chicken
grated cheese (requesting 2)
sour cream
tortilla chips
salad dressing
flour tortillas (in case anyone didn't want salad)
desserts (requesting 3-4)
cups, flatware

This is what came back to me:

chopped tomatoes--Kathy
chopped peppers--Kathy
chopped green onions--Mary Ann
black olives--Kathy
seasoned beef--Robert & Walena
seasoned chicken--moi
grated cheese--Kai & me
sour cream --Kim
rice & avacados--Lynne
black beans--Jim
tortilla chips--Pam
salad dressing--Donna & John
flour tortillas--Jan
Dessert--Sheila, Walena, Kathy, Gary, Tina
sodas--Angel & Greg
Plates and napkins--Kim
cups & flatware--Theresa

I really hope Larry brings A LOT of lettuce. If not, we can always eat dessert!

I roasted 6 huge chicken breasts last night after rubbing them in olive oil and seasoning. AFter they cooled, I removed the skin and shredded the meat into a bowl. I will put the meat into my crockpot this morning with a couple of cans of diced tomatoes with green chiles and onions. That should season the meat well and keep it moist.

Next month, I think we'll have a chili cook-off!

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Suzie said...

What a great idea - and nice to see your colleagues pitching in. I'm sure everyone could use a morale boost at the moment.