Sunday, March 2, 2008

An Absolutely Beautifuld Day

And I slept right thru it. Yesterday and today. It is currently 71 degrees outside. I've got my windows open. But I could never seem to wake up for any length of time.

I finished a couple of books this week-end. Black Angel by John Connolly and Thru the Grinder by Cleo Coyle. While both would be shelved in the mystery section of any library or bookstore, they have only one thing in common...murder. Black Angel was dark, dark, dark, with satanic overtones. Thru the Grinder bordered on romance. Hmmmm.

I gave in to a craving and made myself a lovely dinner of salmon crouquettes, pesto pasta, and salad. I even had sugar free ice cream for dessert. Now I have the absolute weirdest craving ever. I want artificial fruit. Sunkist orange soda, Country Time lemonade, Crystal Light peach iced tea, Grapico. Skittles, SweetTarts, Pixie Stix. These are things I don't ever buy. So I'm going to have to be creative and come up with something else.

And I'm sleepy again.

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