Sunday, January 20, 2008

Southerners and Cold

Do not go together. We either over-compensate or we freeze. On a 45 degree day, the chances are you'll see someone in a parka, ear muff, and thermal gloves. However, today's high was 23 and I saw people running around without jackets, wearing hoodies, and one guy in shorts.

Me? I was wearing long sleeves, jeans, Uggs, leather gloves, a cashmere full length swing coat, and a cashmere scarf. Boy, did I feel overdressed.

I'm trying a new recipe tonight...Greek Chicken with Rice. It looks amazing and I have all of the ingredients. Its a Pantry Party! This week-end I did five loads of laundry, scrubbed my bathroom to the point that operating rooms would be envious, and am in the process of doing the same in my kitchen. I am, however, motivationally challenged. I made the mistake of picking up the book for our Fantasy group on Friday night, and really want to soak in the tub and finish it.

I gave a friend quite a giggle today when I referred to the Dolly Parton chicken breasts I had set out to thaw.

On another note, I drank so much tea yesterday that I couldn't sleep last night. About 11:30 I took a Benadryl. Of course, it kicked in while I was watching Random Harvest. I missed the middle and caught the beginning and the end.

This afternoon I found a Lifetime movie I like. It is the story of a local woman who turned PI to get the skinny on her cheating husband. The reason I mention it is that I swear I heard Jonell Mosser in the back-ground a couple of times. I love to hear her sing. Smoky, smooth, and amazing. Then I spent an hour on the internet looking for credits. I did find out that Marty Stuart had composed the score for the movie. I loves me some Marty.

I'm off to start dinner. It may be going into the low teens again tonight, but I'll be imagining myself dining on the Mediterranean coast.

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