Monday, January 14, 2008

My Cousin Was Buried Today

She was 51 years old. There were very few people in attendance. I'm not even sure if her children knew she had died. I didn't cry for her because she had been lost to us all for a very long time.

My Uncle Jake and my Aunt Leila had four children. My Uncle Jake was a loving and kind father, perhaps blind to the faults of his children. As far as my Aunt Leila was concerned two children shined, her son Gerald and her baby girl Jenny. They could do no wrong. Not when they were arrested. Not when they lost custody of their children. Not when the left their parents in near bankruptcy. They were just misunderstood. Gerald eventually straightened his life out, almost too late. He had a stroke at 55 and has been an invalid ever since.

Jenny, on the other hand, did not. She lost a leg while driving high. She did jail time more than once. She died in her sleep Friday evening, probably of a drug over-dose. I feel for those who will grieve for her. I can't.

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