Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yes, I'm Blond, But....

I'm currently driving a car that has been in the family. My Dad drove it for a few years, then sold it to my sister. When her teen did not want to drive a "grandma" car, my brother-in-law drove it for a year. I needed transportation and my sister had an extra set of wheels, so I got the family discount and she and my BIL delivered the car to me about three weeks ago.

Both my dad and my BIL love this car. My dad asks every time we speak about the car, and BIL has called twice to check on it.

I finally told them both that the heat doesn't work in the car. The response?

"Are you sure?"

Now, I know I'm blond, but really! I'm not imagining the cold air blowing out the vents and my teeth chattering. Next came the question...

"Do you know how to work the heat?"

Believe it or not, I can figure out red means hot and blue means cold.

Both men are convinced I don't know what I'm talking about. Never mind that I work for GM and probably know more than both of them about cars. Also, I have access to service manuals.

But, hey! I'm just a girl!

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