Friday, February 13, 2009

Praise for a Practical Product

I have been a fan of Glad Press N Seal since I bought my first roll. It keeps things fresh and is easily manageable. But I have to tell how well this product has performed for me recently.

I bought a bunch of celery the week before Christmas. I used two stalks at the time but trimmed and cleaned the rest and wrapped them in Glad Press N Seal. Since that time I've made a couple of batches of soup and stock, a little chicken salad, and that's about it.

But last night I grabbed the final two stalks out of the fridge, still wrapped in the original (though slightly ragged from use) piece of plastic. Two crisp, aromatic stalks greeted me, the leaves still perky.

So I'm singing the praise of this wonderful product which is helping me fulfill my New Year's resolution to not waste food!

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Suzie said...

Wish we had it here. Hope all is well - I noticed you are no longer barefooting...