Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dogs and Cats

I watched the Westminster Dog show and I am a huge fan of Stump. I've rooted for him in previous shows. He's just so darn cute! I love dog shows. I'm up early on Saturday mornings watching Eukanuba dog shows (5 a.m.). I love learning about each of the breeds. I love seeing the personality of each of the dogs in the competition. I love the gracefulness of some breeds, the sleek beauty of others, the cuddly cuteness of many, and the size extremes in yet others.

But I used to ask myself, "Why don't they ever televise cat shows? I know they have them, and they are big deals. That was until I saw one on tv. Primped and prettied cats sitting on pillows, not moving, does not make for good television. I do think, however, Prissy would be perfect! She can sit still and ignore with the best of 'em.

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