Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Timing Is Completely Off

Last night I decided to go to bed early. I greased down with Ben Gay on my knees, Vicks on my chest, Avon Foot Works on my feet, hand cream, and face cream. I turned on my electric mattress pad and put Edith Piaff on the stereo before curling up with David Baldacci (The Camel Club).

The funny thing was, Prissy was fully intent on bathing, with one leg hovering up around her ear, when Edith came on. Prissy stopped and sat there, legs akimbo, thru three or four songs. Perfectly still. It was totally weird. Is she french? Or does she just have great taste in music?

Prissy--1 p.m.

Something happened this morning that never, ever, ever happens. I over-slept. I woke up this morning and kept wondering when the radio would come on. Finally, I looked at it and saw it was 5:44! That's about 50 minutes after my regular time to get up! I showered, dressed dried my hair, started the car to let it warm, fed the cat, grabbed some lunch, put on make-up, brushed my teeth and made it to work by 6:50.

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Now my whole day is off kilter. Nothing seems right. Did I put on my deodorant? Perfume? Underwear? What is exactly in my lunch bag? And why am I so sleepy?

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