Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Pickles and a Cure for the Sinus Headache

I came home from work today with a sick headache. The kind that leaves you wanting nothing more than to crawl into bed in a dark room and cry. Unfortunately, today is day four of the pickle making process and I had work to do.

And I made an amazing discovery. A vinegar steam will knock a sinus headache into next week. Seriously. There is, of course, one unfortunate side effect...the coughing, spewing, watery eyes, and burning lungs.

Hey! If it works, it works!


Robby said...

Glad you're feeling better. Just in case you aren't pickling the next time that happens, probably the steam alone would do it. Large pot of simmering water and a towel over your head to help hold the steam near you for breathing and you'll feel better right quick.

Suzie said...

Eucalyptus oil in the steam is also great. Hope you are fully recovered!

webbie said...

Thanks! I actually have one of those facial steamers and, had I not been so single-minded and focused on pickles, probably would have pulled it out.