Monday, April 14, 2008

Sexiest Men in Television

I caught this on the TVGuide network this week-end and have to admit I was taken aback by some of the people on the list and more by some who are missing.

On the list:
David Cassidy
Johnny Depp
Henry Winkler
Ted Danson

Now don't get me wrong, like any hormonal 13 year old in the early 70s, I loved David Cassidy. He was dreamy. I had his poster on my wall. But he was not sexy.

Like David Cassidy, Johnny Depp was pouty cute, but also not sexy. He was replaced on 21 Jump Street by Richard Grieco who was very, very sexy.

I love Henry Winkler. I adore Henry Winkler. He is not now, nor has he ever been, sexy. Fonzie was tough guy caricature and quite loveable. Just not sexy!

And like most of America, I tuned in to Cheers every Thursday night. But it was not because of the sex appeal of Ted Danson.

Then there are the list placement issues.

How could Josh Holloway be number 25 and Matthew Fox be number 16? Am I the only woman in America who feels the heat rising from the tv screen whenever Sawyer and Kate have a scene together? The sweaty, dirty, earthiness of a shirtless Josh Holloway as compared to the "guy next door" Matthew Fox...hmmmm. What were they thinking?!

How does Patrick Dempsey rank higher than Jimmy Smits?

Missing from the list

I am a woman of a certain age with fond memories of the hot men from my youth. They are:

Chad Everett--nostrils flaring, the tightest pants I've ever seen, my mother would never admit it, but she made the family watch Medical Center because of Chad Everett. And he had sexy story-lines.

James Brolin--the hot young rebel who shared a practice with Marcus Welby, MD. Also had very sexy story lines.

Paul Michael Glasser and David Soul--What?! Beau and Luke Duke made the top 25 but Starsky and Hutch didn't? I'm sorry. The red Torino was far sexier than that orange thing. Starsky and Hutch were dark, brooding, and had hot relationships with women!

Denzel Washington...Okay! I'll admit it. There were three reasons I watched St. Elsewhere. Mark Harmon, Denzel Washington, and Howie Mandel. And I never found Howie sexy. But Denzel? Oh! My!

James Garner--Maverick and The Rockford Files, two very sexy characters played by a very sexy man.

Oh well! It's just one woman's opinion. Who from you TV past and present have you found incredibly sexy?

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