Thursday, May 24, 2007

Is this day over yet?!!!!!

I'm working the late shift tonight. I left the house the morning at 8:30 and headed off to have my car inspected before getting my new tag. It didn't pass. Now I've got 30 days to have it fixed.

Since I had spent all of my cash on the inspection and I was jonzing for some caffeine, I went to Walgreens to get a Diet Coke and some cash. There was a very punky young woman in line behind me, pierced and tattooed and extremely sad, buying a pregnancy test. Ooops! I got to the office in time to do about 40 minutes of work before we headed to a local park for our team-building picnic/potluck. We ate and played games for about 2 hours before heading back and tackling an accumulated mountain of work.

I am exhausted. I've decided I work too hard.

And allow me a moment to rant. I hate to do the potluck thing and spend hours cooking something and have it be neglected over store-bought options. I baked a banana cake with chocolate frosting and another co-worker baked a dessert. There was also a pie from the freezer sectin of the supermarket, a cake and some cookies from the supermarket bakery, and a package of Oreos. The Oreos and bakery cookies were gone. The bakery cake did not fare as well, but the pie was almost gone while there were plenty of left-overs of the home-baked goods.

It makes me feel that people think I cook in unsanitary conditions. I am the first to admit that I am a casual housekeeper, but I am fanatical about my kitchen. The counters and appliances get bleached daily and the floors are mopped twice a week. My hands get washed so much when I cook that they are raw by the time I'm done. Am I deceiving myself in thinking I am a good cook?

Anyway, my system is back up, so it is back to work.

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