Monday, May 14, 2007

I hear my bed calling my name

I've gotten very little sleep this week-end. I've made dinner for tomorrow, so all that is left for me to do when I get home from work is run the vacuum, set the table, and prepare my cheese platter. I've got Vichyssoise in the fridge, along with a mostly assembled Parisian salad and a chocolate truffle pie. And there is a loaf of beer bread wrapped in foil sitting on the counter.

My mom was very sick today. I called to wish her a Happy Mother's Day but she had been in bed for two days and couldn't hold anything down. She's going to the doctor tomorrow, but her blood sugar has been really low. I told her to eat some peppermint, it would settle her stomach and help to raise her blood sugar. I'll go to see her next week-end.

I missed part of tonight's episode of Blood Ties, but the parts I saw were great! And only one more episode? What a let-down.

I am doing something I absolutely never do...I am having a glass of wine while writing this. I had to open a bottle to make the Parisian salad, so I decided that a glass would assit my quest for rest. I froze the rest to use another day. Now I'm off to bed with How to Marry A Murdered by Amanda Matesky.

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