Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gee! My House Smells Terrific

We are having a "team building" picnic potluck at work tomorrow, and I signed up for a dessert. I had everything handy, so I made a banana cake that I will ice with chocolate frosting. This cake smells soooo good.

We have a new American Idol. Nyeh. I lost interest when Melinda went home. I did like seeing Taylor Hicks again. And Rueben Studdard. And I always love seeing Kelly Clarkson. I honestly think they wasted the show with other "special guest stars" like Gwen Stephani and Bette Middler. I would have rather seen the 12 finalists do more performing.

Mom had a stint put into her foot today and is in step-down until tomorrow.

I'm off to frost a cake.

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