Thursday, July 30, 2009

It Struck Me As Odd

On my last visit to my parents, in which I raked up on tomatoes, my sister and I were sitting at the table with Mom, talking. The subject, for some reason I cannot recall, was pecans.


(A little back-ground is required here. My mom's cousin has pecan trees on her lake property and last year they were bountiful. She and her hubby brought bags of pecans to Mom & Dad who shelled and picked them while watching TV. They currently have 18 quarts in the freezer. Now back to our story...)

Mom made a sullen comment that someone kept using all of her pecans. Sis asked who would do such a thing. Mom rolled her eyes in my direction. Sis asked what I was doing with all of Mom's pecans.

Hmmm...I did make my father a carrot cake for Father's day. Left it there. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing....Oh, wait! In January, I made a batch of spiced pecans for my parents to snack on and left January.

I was telling a co-worker because this had completely baffled me. Mom is generous. I once mentioned how much I coveted her slotted spoon. I now have 8 of them. There is a new one each time I visit. So why the pecan paranoia?

Seriously...there are 18 quarts in the freezer! And neither she or my dad cooks with them!

My co-worker thinks that each time I visit, I should make two pecan pies. And pecan sandies. And the fruit cake cookies that call for 10 cups of pecans.

Any ideas out there to further use up my mom's pecans? I'm open to suggestions.

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MileHighBaker said...

Ina's pecan bars come to mind - they use a lot, and freeze well. Plus, easier to take out a couple for them for dinner than a whole pecan pie. Also, I love them in blondies. Make some more nut mixes, spiced, sugared, etc. Take a few for yourself for your entertaining and salad enhancing, but freeze the rest and your dad will have something he can pull out for guests, or a small gift for a neighbor that helps out. Good thing I don't live nearby, I'd be thinking about those pecans in that freezer. Oops! Better not mention that to Mom.