Monday, July 20, 2009

Tomato Time!

I received an emergency email last Thursday from my dad stating that I needed to come down ASAP. Oh my! Had Mom taken a turn for the worse?


Tomatoes were in! In fact, on Thursday he picked three five gallon buckets full of tomatoes. So I re-arranged my plans for the week-end and headed south. I came back last night with a bushel of tomatoes. Sis took a bushel with her. We left Dad with about half a bushel and many, many more to be picked this week.

I gave about half to friends and co-workers, put some of the greener ones in the windows to ripen, and pulled out enough to make salsa and to eat tomato sandwiches for at least a week.

My friends and family consider me a heretic because I don't eat my "mater" sandwiches on white bread but prefer whole wheat. I do, however, slather it with Hellman's mayo and sprinkle it with sea salt. I've been known to add chopped basil for brighter taste. But a basic tomato sandwich is divine.

I may go for a little panzanella, too. Hmmm...Caprese salad, anyone?

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