Friday, August 14, 2009

Ahhhh! Refreshment!

Back when I had a glut of cherries, one of my online buddies suggested I put them in a jar covered with a sweetened vodka (white corn syrup and vodka) and keep them in a dark place. I asked her what to do with them and she said "Eat the cherries and drink the vodka!"

It has been one hellacious week at work, so last night I pulled out that jar of drunken cherries. I poured a little of the juice into glass of ice and topped it off with Diet Coke. Can I tell you just how good it was? It was amazing! Not too sweet, but barely sweet, without the burn of cheap vodka (like I would buy the good stuff!).

The vodka came from the same bottle that I am currently brewing vanilla beans in, before I added the beans.

But I have a little secret...I didn't have any white corn syrup, so I used honey. I added 2-3 Tbs (this is not an exact science) to 1 cup of Vodka. I cut the stems on the cherries about 3/4" long. What a cool thing! I can hardly wait for next summer to try this again.

And what about blueberries? Wonder if I could do the same thing? Hmmmm....

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Heather T - sloCooking said...

I love your blog. Check out your "Make Me Hungry Award"...