Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Last Nerve!

I have a co-worker who can find my last nerve...without fail. Little things and big things, but mostly little things.

We have assigned lunch times because our phones are to be covered at all times. My scheduled lunch is 12:00, hers is 12:30. Every time I got up to go to lunch, she was at the counter preparing her lunch. So I switched times with her. So one day I was working another girl's shift and got up to take her 11:30 lunch and, you guessed, there was Lynne. At the counter. Making lunch.

That's right. She doesn't bring a Lean Cuisine or a can of chili or a sandwich or leftovers from home. Nope. She brings a head of lettuce, a loaf of bread, a cucumber, a bottle of dressing, a package of lunch meat, a jar of mayo, and a 2 liter drink. She procedes to make a salad or make a sandwich, fill a cup with ice, and pour a drink. Then she stuffs it all into the refridgerator shared by 40 people!

Even worse, when she is done, the dirty dish will sit on her desk for hours...and hours...getting more and more disgusting.

Then there is the way she starts a conversation in the middle of a paragraph. I'll be quietly doing my work and she will suddenly come out with something like, "Those crazy boys in Columbia. Wow!" And she will expect me to respond.

The problems with this are:
a) What the heck is she talking about?!
b) I spend my day on the phone. I wear a headset. 98% of the time, I'm on the phone.
C) I've lost hearing in one ear and I have a headset on the other. I CAN'T HEAR!

It makes me crazy. And today, I'm crazier than usual!

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