Monday, June 4, 2007


Knocked Up

Was not as good as it could have been. It had a few laughs, but was mostly guy humor. A guys version of pregnancy and childbirth. Gross stuff. Guy stuff.

Visiting My Parents

It was tough. Mom was very disoriented on Saturday. She kept asking for her mother (died in 1949), for her brother (dead for 3 years), and her older sister (died 10 years ago). She would ask where Dad was when he was standing in front of her.

Yesterday was far better, as was today. However, she is not urinating and I fear she is going thru renal shut-down. Today she ate better than she has and had visits from the home health nurse and the nurses aid.

Dad has asked me to move back. We had a long talk about it. I cried. He cried. My sister cried when she heard. It brought home to us just how ill Mom really is. I think I had made up my mind before I went for this visit, but it still hurts. I'm now job-hunting. Again.

On a happier note, two books that I've been waiting on finally came in. I plan on reading Alibi Man by Tami Hoag after Hell's Kitchen.

TV Cooking Competitions

Last nite I watched The Next Food Network Star. I think I liked this group. Hell's Kitchen is on now. Why do I love this show so much? Gordon Ramsey is loud, obnoxious, foul-mouthed and abusive. The contestants are whiney. Oh! I know. Scott Liebfried. Unfortunately, there is not enought Scott Liebfried.

I must see who goes home tonight and then curl up with a good book.

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