Friday, May 14, 2010

The Fabulocity of Frivolous Footwear

While not yet officially summer, the temperatures have been dancing dangerously close to 90 degrees, enough to pull out the summer sandals. I love summer shoes. Flip-flops, sandals, little bits of leather attached together to create some semblance of form.

When the weather first starts to warm, I begin to pamper my feet with scrubs and lotions, soaks and dips, buffing and filing. I search out new polishes for my toes and experiment with the colors.

And then I shop. I stopped at my favorite little hole in the wall that always sells cute little styles ins flip-flops--I bought a pair of black with sequinned straps and an identical pair in gold. I bought a pair of pink argyle.

Next, I found a pair of CL by Laundry in pewter with two small straps, one across the top of the foot and another across the toe. These have two inch heels and the strap around the toe is jeweled. Sexy!

I found two pairs yesterday I had to have. A pair of black thongs by Madeline Stuart with 3" wedge heels and a big, flashy, multi-faceted plastic diamond on the toe. Sparkly! I also found a pair of Steve Madden T-strap sandals in silver with silver roses on the straps. Shiny!

This morning, I slid my pampered and pink feet with bright pink toes into the black Madeline Stuarts. I keep stopping to admire them.

Forget Chicken Soup for the Soul, pretty shoes can do as much for a woman as chocolate. A flirty pair of sandals can make a woman fill sassy and special. A sexy, strappy mule can make a woman feel daring and alluring. Even fat girls feel pretty and desirable in the right shoes. And we don't have to face the harsh reality of a three way, badly lit, dressing room mirror to try them on. We can sit at our desks at work and look down at the beauty that is our feet! Or we can casually cross our legs while conversing with friends and feel a surge of confidence.

The thinner the straps, the higher the heels, the brighter the color, the better. Summertime footwear gives us back what trying on swimsuits takes away. I thank each and every designer and manufacturer that gives me this is priceless.

And to the great god women's footwear, Stuart Weitzman, I make this promise...I WILL ONE DAY POSSESS A PAIR OF YOUR SHOES...otherwise known as the Holy Grail.

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