Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow, Ice, and Really Weird Dreams

It started snowing about 10:45 Friday morning and my usual 15 minute drive took 90 minutes Friday afternoon. The highway was littered with vehicles, including a mail truck. We had 6" by the time I got home and was up to the undercarriage of my car by about seven that evening. Then came the sleet. Then more snow. Then more sleet. Then a little more snow. You could, in some places, not leave any footprints, just stand atop the frozen, icy snow.

Yesterday, the sun came out and melted a bit of the snow and ice, but not all. Then the temps dropped back into the teens last night, making the short trip onto the main highway and adventure. I skated through two stop signs, luckily there was no traffic.

My small city, population 30,000 has three snow plows. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SOUTH! It amazed me that the larger cities don't have plows, but we do. Snow piled on the side of the road so high you can't tell if someone is coming.

I made a pecan pie. Not so good. I made chili. Excellent. I ate PB&J sandwiches and drank chocolate milk. I read a couple of books, watched a couple of movies. I had a great week-end.

And then last night I had a truly weird dream. I was trying to get to work and the roads were flooded. I was stuck in some sub-division and could not move, so I parked my car and grabbed my cat and the dog that was with us (still wondering why I was taking my cat and a strange dog to work with me) and began walking. I passed a house with huge, beautiful watermelons on the car port. I picked up empty water bottles that were strown around the street. I wound up at Martha Stewart's house. She was napping on the couch when I came in, but woke up in time to chastise me for the water bottles when I asked to put them in her recycling bin. I tried to explain that they weren't mine, but she didn't seem to want to hear. Then her daughter Alexis came in with a broom. I left soon after and made my way back to my car.

Is there anyone out there who can interperate dreams? I would love to know the meaning of that one.

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