Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chinese Take-out

I forgot to bring my lunch today, so I foolishly stated out loud that I was going to the nearby Chinese take-out. My co-workers were on my like papparazzi on a celebutante.

I typed up each order, calculated the tax, and put each person's money in a separate envelope with a name on it. Then I tried to fax the list to the restaurant, but I kept getting an error message. So I called the restaurant to verify the fax number. This is how that conversation went.

"Sunny China. I take your order."

"I'm trying to fax several orders and am having problems, can I verify your fax number?"

"You want order steamed veggiebles?"

"No, can I have your fax number?"

"You need fax number?"

"Yes, I've been trying to fax a number and it won't go thru."

"You call in order?"

"I have 6 orders, all paying separately. I'd rather fax the order."

"You phone order."

"Okay, here goes. Order # 1...1 large wonton soup."

"Order special #1 and wonton soup."

"No. The first order is for a large wonton soup."

"Oh! No want special #1?"

"NO. Just the wonton soup."


"Second order, 1 chicken lo mein with egg roll."


"Third order, 1 chicken with broccoli and egg roll."


"Order number 4 (OMG! What was I thinking?????) Cashew chicken with hot & sour soup."

"You want special #4...."

"No. I'm very sorry. The forth order is for cashew chicken with hot & sour soup."


"The fifth order is for sesame chicken with egg roll."


"The last order is for two lunch specials...1 beef with broccoli with wonton soup and 1 sweet and sour chicken with egg roll."


"When will this be ready?"

"You come pay now!"


It was with great trepidation that I collected my envelopes and my master order and headed out the door, not really sure what would await me at the Sunny China.

Well the good news is that we only ended up with one too many beef with broccolis!"

Life is good!

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