Monday, February 25, 2008

The Awards

I watched the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday and the Oscars on Sunday. Rainn Wilson hosted the Indies and was far funnier than Jon Stewart, who really only had a couple of good laughs. I really miss Billy Crystal! Of course, I know that Jon Stewart only had 9 days to work with the writers, so I'm giving him a bye.

Rainn Wilson's auditions for each of the films nominated for the ISA were hilarious. His scene as Juno dancing with Jason Bateman had me on the floor. The most disappointing moment in the ISAs for me happened when the cameras kept going to Bruce Greenwood, a longtime favorite of mine, who seemed bored and angry throughout the ceremonies.

Now...on to the Oscars. First, a critique of the clothing. I loved the ladies in red. Katherine Heigl, Helen Mirren, Miley Cyrus, Hiedi Klum, and Anne Hathaway. I loved Jessica Alba's purple maternity frock and Jennifer Hudson's white Grecian number. George Clooney looked amazing as ever, and Javier Bardan looked stunning.
I'm a huge fan of Kristen Chenoweth and could find no fault in her LBD. I wished Amy Adams had chosen something more colorful or of a more lush fabric. Oh! and speaking of LBDs...The amazing Hillary Swank!

My list of those I found less appealing? Well, I do love Daniel Day-Lewis, but thought he looked as bad as Johnny Depp, and his wife looked like she had whipped up her dress herself from old drapes--shades of an old Carol Burnett sketch. Cameron Diaz and Renee Zellwiger have yet to figure out that pale women shouldn't wear pale colors. And what was going on with Renee's hair?

I found the award ceremony itself quite boring and kept switching over to watch the conclusion of Pride and Prejudice. (I'm sorry, but documentaries and animated shorts can't really compare to Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.) I was surprised by the Best Actress winner...I thought Julie Christie was a lock...and best supporting actress. Oh! I'm sorry! I forgot to mention Tilda Swinton in the fashion reviews. I keep trying to forget I ever saw her, but OMG! What was she thinking? NO makeup and a FUGLY dress and hair that I could have done better!

My favorite part of the ceremony was the clips of previous ceremonies and interviews with previous winners.

Did I miss Brad Renfo in the "dead celebrities" clip? Or was he left out? Was he forgotten in the hoopla over Heath Ledger?

All in all, not the best Oscars.

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