Monday, November 5, 2007

The Week-End from Hell!

I spent the week-end at my folks house. My dad and my sister had birthdays on October 25th, my BIL had a birthday on the 29th, Dad had a cataract removed on Thursday, and I'm up to my elbows in planning a Golden Anniversary party.

Of course, to hear my sister tell it, I'm a slacker who has done nothing. Oh yes, she has spent a lot of money. Not that she has made any special trips or gone out of her sister does a lot of shopping. I, on the other had, was assigned designing and printing the invitations, which took about 30 man hours, a new printer/scanner, and some new software. Then, when I couldn't get it to work on my home printer, I went to Kinkos.

The gentleman at the nearest Kinkos to me was no help at all, so I went to on in Birmingham and the young man there was extremely helpful. I tried to send the file from my home program, but he couldn't open it. I then created a new document from my folks' computer but couldn't send it. Finally, I went to my sister's house and created a new document on her computer. She proofed it with me and I sent it off. I was told I could pick them up in the a.m.

Sis and her hubby picked them up Friday night and she called on her cell to tell me how great they looked. Saturday morning we began to address envelopes and Mom noticed that the date was wrong...2006. Yikes! Sis went home to try to edit my work and resend, but she couldn't find the saved file. Then she tried to recreate and couldn't. So I went to her house, created a new document, proofed it, and sent it off.

I went to pick up the invitations @ 4:30 on Saturday afternoon. I got home with them and began stuffing envelopes again and found a mis-spelled word. "Event" was now "even". My sister was red in the face and refused to speak to me. She called, however, an hour later to say that she had reviewed the original document and it was Kinko's error. She contacted Kinkos who promised to reprint and have new invites due in the a.m.. Sis and I were there by 9, but the invites were not.

Finally, we got the invitations printed correctly and mailed yesterday.

On top of this drama, I made 250 meatballs, 300 mints, 6 gallons of punch, and three meals. I also took my dad to the Piggly Wiggly, went to Sam's, Publix, and Academy Sports.

Then yesterday after lunch, I had my mom put on the slacks to the suit Sis had given her last year for Christmas so we could get them hemmed in time for her to wear the suit at her party. They didn't fit. Now Sis and I are in charge of finding her something to wear to the party.

I came in to work today and nothing was done while I was out on Friday, so I started the day 3 days behind.

I can hardly wait to leave this place today!

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