Friday, December 3, 2010

Pomegranites, Persimmons, and Pears...OH MY!

I have a hard time walking through the produce department this time of year. Things call out to me.

Beautiful, lush pink grapefruit.

Butternut squash.



And persimmons.

I come home with them and try to eat them all at once. I've roast the butternut squash. I've made salads with it. Risotto. Soup.

I've ruined many tops from the pomegranate juice. I've added the seeds to salads. But mostly, I peel it and eat it.

I've gotten sores in my mouth from eating too much grapefruit. I peel and eat it. I add it to coconut and pineapple. I french it for salads.

I've had peanut butter and pear sandwiches. Pear and blue cheese salads. Pears with cottage cheese. Pears! Pears! Pears!

But the persimmons! The sweetness! The perfection! The joy! I don't cook with them. I don't eat them with other things. I just slurp the juice and chew the flesh and wish I could enjoy this flavor all year long.

I love the bounty of Autumn.

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Becky said...

I had some butternut squash last week and it was so good. Now I am craving pears and pomegranates! Oh the power of suggestion. LOL