Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Tired

I'm tired of Mel Gibson.

I'm tired of Chelsea Clinton's wedding.

Though I love her, I'm tired of Sandra Bullock's marital woes.

I'm tired of commercials for personal injury attorneys.

I'm tired of political campaigns, and we're just approaching the primary!

I'm tired of the heat.

I'm tired of the humidity.

And, like everyone else in the world, I'm tired of the gulf oil spill.

In other words, I can't watch television, listen to the radio, go outside or look at the internet without being more tired. Good thing I've got a big pile of books to be read.


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MileHighBaker said...

That was one refreshing thing about being in Canada last week. They really couldn't much care less about those things that seem to overwhelm our news. Oh, and the TV wasn't on much since we were out and about.