Monday, March 15, 2010

Random Thoughts and Some Photos

This is my "To Do" list from Saturday morning, compiled while drinking coffee, eating breakfast, making my bed, brushing my teeth, and applying my make-up.

to do 1

You will note the top includes places to go, things to do, etc and to bottom is a shopping list. I will state that everything was purchased but the pepper mill (which made it on the list twice???) and the buttermilk and all tasks accomplished.

At the video store, I returned Eagle Eye and picked up Valkyrie (the most boring movie ever made). Seems I had seen Eagle Eye before, only it was called the Eschelon Conspiracy and starred Shane West and Edward Burns instead of Shia LeBouef and Billy Bob Thornton.

I woke up during the wee hours Saturday morning and had a sudden thought. At that moment, 3:27 a.m., I wished I smoked. I have never smoked nor had the desire to smoke, but at that moment I did. I just felt it would be far more interesting to be sitting alone in the dark thinking and smoking a cigarette than lying in bed watching re-runs of Rosanne.

wake up

I have to pull Prissy out from under the covers, near my feet, every morning before making my bed. She is such a slug.

And finally, a little bit of sunshine. Enjoy!

tulips 2

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