Monday, November 30, 2009

In High Gear

I left work around 2:30 Wednesday, headed for my parents' house. I arrived around 5:15 and immediately began cooking, making a dessert, a cranberry salad, and some cornbread for dressing.

Thursday morning began early when I baked a ham. Then breakfast of eggs, biscuits and...wait for it...ham! Cleaned the kitchen and moved on to make the dressing. Next, I cooked the squash and onions to make a squash casserole. While the squash was cooking, I assembled a mixed veggie casserole, then whipped up the squash casserole.

After I showered, I changed the table linens and set up the buffet area. Mom set the table.

Guests began arriving a little after one and dinner was ready by two. Done by 2:30. No one ate dessert. I cleaned the kitchen and was in stretch pants by five. A lazy evening watching Miracle on 34th Street.

Friday I put up the Thanksgiving "stuff" and did three loads of laundry. Dad brought in the Christmas tree and ornaments and we set a card table in front of Mom with the hooks and let her put hooks on everything that needed it. I decorated the tree.

Following a lunch, Dad settled in to watch the Alabama vs Auburn game and Mom & I decided to bake cookies. We baked a batch of Justines' (5 1/2 dozen) and Jam Thumbprint cookies (4 1/2 dozen.) Cleaned the kitchen. Sis and the nieces came over for left-overs.

Saturday I began bringing the rest of the Christmas decorations down from the attic. I was able to get quite a bit done. Mom and I set the dining room table with her Christmas china. Uncle Bill came over to watch Florida vs FSU game and Mom and I headed to KMart where we met Sis. Back by six with lots of treasures, I made a pot of chili for dinner and we settled in to watch Criminal Minds. (BTW--did anyone see the episode Wednesday nite? Wow. Not a happy little holiday episode.)

Sunday I stripped the bed and did three loads of laundry. Dad helped me flip the mattress. I finished decorating the house and wrapped some gifts. I was able to catch a little Barefoot Contessa and Paula Deen on the Food Network. Then I made a quick meat sauce and spaghetti, prepared a salad and warmed some garlic bread for lunch. Cleaned the kitchen and Sis and her hubby came by just as I finished. We chatted for a while before they left, then I loaded my car and hit the road around 3:30.

I was home by 6:15 or so, and, after unloading the car, cleaned a mess left by a very unhappy cat. Everywhere. I mopped, scrubbed, and vacuum. Then had to sit for cuddle time. It's not very exciting, sitting there, holding a cat, so I assembled some Christmas baskets. I finally made it to bed around ten.

Quite frankly, I'm exhausted. But I feel very good about everything I accomplished.


Virginia said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill too.Please keep on working hard.^^ Your pal,Virgina

MHB said...

As my Dad would say, "But it's a good tired."