Monday, September 28, 2009

Workplace Changes

There is a new regime moving into our office. We've been sent a memo (with pictures) about how our workspace should look.


Here is part of the memo:

Remove all items from the cube walls
Only 3 personal items on your desk (you may put a personal item on the cube wall)
At the end of the day, everything on your desk top should be put away.....I mean Everything...including the stapler! Your Computer, phone and 3 personal items should be the only items left out.

So I began the task of depersonalizing my desk. Sorry, Mom & Dad--it's between you and the tissues and, with allergy season in high gear, the tissues win. Sorry Sis! Your picture or the desk-top fan. Uhhhh...ever hear of hot flashes?

I was cleaning out my desk and found a brand new, still in the package regulation baseball. Please don't ask me why I have a brand new, still in the package, regulation baseball in my desk drawer--I DON'T KNOW!

One of my co-workers has a six year old son, so I gave it to her. He insisted on writing me a note. In very deliberate, first grade printing. It reads:

Thank You
for the

Is that just too cute?

I'd hang it on the wall, but I foolishly opted to put a calendar up. Oh! Well!

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