Saturday, September 12, 2009

Up & At 'em

Okay...the day started with grim conversation. Dad handed me his "To Do" list of things when he can no longer take care of himself or Mom by either illness, mental capacity, or death. Six thirty in the morning over coffee--not really what I wanted to hear!

It's Mom's last few days in the nursing home, so I've decided to make cookies and take to the nursing staff. More Jam Thumbprints, but I've never met anyone who would say no to them. After all, there's three sticks of butter in the recipe!

It seems that Mom is insisting I have a little birthday celebration at the nursing home this afternoon and it is driving Dad crazy! He is a list maker and keeps asking me for suggestions. Now he's making me crazy!

I have one goal for the day--a pedicure. My feet need comfort!

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