Friday, March 27, 2009


I recently joined Facebook. I'm a true novice at it and can find myself wasting huge amounts of time there. However, today I re-connected with an old friend from high school.

She's the one that I tell the great story about her wedding. During the ceremony, she and her groom were lighting the "unity candle" and her veil caught on fire. Her quick thinking hubby snatched it off of the top of her head, threw it on the ground, and stomped out the fire. Her wedding photos all show the singed veil.

I haven't talked to her in 25 years. It was so good to hear from her!

Tomorrow night is movie night and I've picked my movies and decided what to cook. Now I just have to clean my house, cook, and shop. I've got potatoes, so I'm going to bake them and have an assortment of toppings. I also have little smokies I'll cook in the crock pot with some sauce. I may make some brownies. We'll be watching 12 Angry Men and The Separate Tables.

Hope everyone has a great week-end!

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