Friday, December 28, 2007

Like Herding Cats

I have four friends that I dearly love. We are "women of a certain age", never married, childless, and currently without significant others. Yet we cannot seem to find a time to get together.

We are busy with our jobs and our families. We have other friends. We have elderly parents. We have "stuff to do". My gosh! do we have stuff to do! How can we acumulate so many tasks? When are we to accomplish them?

Of course, I'm currently waking at 3 every morning, so I suppose I could use the two hours before I need to start getting ready for work for things like corespondence, cleaning, cooking, paying bills. I'm just so darn lazy...I'd rather curl up on my side with the cat beside me and pretend to sleep.

On a slightly different note, I must share the Christmas Miracle of 2007. Not a single cut or burn or fall. That's right--I am injury free!

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