Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Halloween Scare Came Early

Since I moved, I've not found a comfortable place for putting on my make-up. I have a pedestal sink in the bath and nowhere to spread out. The mirror on my lovely antique dresser needs re-silvering. So I bought myself a magnifying lighted make-up mirror.


I saw some rather frightening things. So I went shopping for a new face care regime. My lovely, dewy, peaches and cream suddenly disappeared and left me with dry patches, age spots, and a chicken neck. And I am not going to talk about the wrinkles.

I picked up some sort of thermal dermal abrasion and couldn't help but laugh as I read the instructions.

"Wet face and neck. Squeeze product the size of a quarter into hand and dab on cheeks and forehead. Spread into skin. Re-wet to increase thermal experience. Rinse. Best done at sink or in shower."

Does anyone else find it odd that a product that suggests wetting your face three times during usage would feel the need to tell you to do this at the sink or in the shower? Just where else might one perform these tasks? Driving down the interstate? In an elevator? At the drive-thru at McDonalds?

I've been frightened twice now...once by the horrendous change that happened to my face overnight and by the dumbing down of America!

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